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The Wiki Formatting Guide

Anything between 2 sets of double-quotes is ignored and presented exactly as typed (that means the formatting commands below are ignored whenever surrounded by double double-quotes.)

Once you've read through this, test your formatting skills in the SandBox.

Basic formatting:

**I'm bold text!**
I'm bold text!

//I'm italic text!//
I'm italic text!

And I'm __underlined__!
And I'm underlined!

##monospace text##
monospace text

''highlight text'' (using 2 single-quotes)
highlight text

@@Center text@@
Center text


====== Really big header ====== (to be used only for the title of the page)

Really big header

===== Rather big header =====

Rather big header

==== Medium header ====

Medium header

=== Not-so-big header ===

Not-so-big header

== Smallish header ==
Smallish header

Horizontal separator:


Forced line break:


Lists / Indents:

Indent text using 3 spaces (which will auto-convert into tabs) or tabs. To make bulleted / ordered lists, use the following codes:

- bulleted list:

1) numbered list:
  1. numbered list
  2. Line two

A) Using uppercase characters:
  1. Using uppercase characters
  2. Line two

a) Using lowercase characters:
  1. Using lowercase characters
  2. Line two

I) using uppercase roman numerals:
  1. using Latin numbers
  2. Line two

i) using lowercase roman numerals:
  1. using Latin numbers
  2. Line two


To place images on a Wiki page, use:
{{image title="An Image Link" url="images/rss.gif" link="RecentChanges/recentchanges.xml"}}

Links can be external, or internal Wiki links. You don't have to enter a link at all, and in that case just an image will be inserted. You don't need to use all those attributes, only url is essential.

You can also put the URI of the image:

Free Links

External Links
Just type the link directly!
http://www.yahoo.com external link

Forced links:

http://uniwakka.sourceforge.net external link

[[http://uniwakka.sourceforge.net UniWakka Home]]
UniWakka Home external link

Forced links, to a wiki page:

Forced links, to a wiki page, with a label:
[[XML This Wiki's page on XML]]
Wiki's page on XML?

Inter Wiki Links:

See the InterWiki? page for a full list of available engines. Here are some examples:

Wiki:InterWiki external link
WikiPedia:Perception external link
Google:CSS external link
Thesaurus:Dilate external link
Dictionary:Dream external link

Code Formatters:

int main(int arc,char **argv)
printf("Hello, %s!", (argc>1) ? argv[1] : "World");
return 0;

%%(php) PHP code%%:
"Hello, World!";

Colored Text

:red:this is red text:red: this is red text
:green:this is green text:green: this is green text
:lightgreen:this is lightgreen text:lightgreen: this is lightgreen text
:blue:this is blue text:blue: this is blue text
:lightblue:this is lightblue text:lightblue: this is lightblue text
:violet:this is violet text:violet: this is violet text
:brown:this is brown text:brown: this is brown text
:yellow:this is yellow text:yellow: this is yellow text
:grey:this is grey text:grey: this is grey text
:pink:this is pink text:pink: this is pink text
:orange:this is orange text:orange: this is orange text

Font Size

It may not be too useful... but may still help in some situations:

:1: font size :1: font size
:2: font size :2: font size
:3: font size :3: font size
:4: font size :4: font size
:5: font size :5: font size
:6: font size :6: font size
:7: font size :7: font size

Hiding A Block of Content

This may sound ridious, but it is possible to hide a block of wiki content from displaying! This can be useful sometimes...
--> :hide: You will never see me... :hide: <--

will appear as
> :hide: You will never see me... :hide: <

http://bestresumewritingservice.org/ external link

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